Copyright Machine create, compensate and control your visual innovations.


What makes us different

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    Intelligent image search

    Copyright machine holds one of the leading algorithms for reserved image search. Duplicate images are unfailingly recognized, even with colour changes, excerpts or text overlays.

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    Easy monitoring

    We offer 24/7 active monitoring with our unbeatable technology which searches for matches of your work across the Indian domain. You can effortlessly monitor your results & the latest matches.

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    Professional legal enforcement

    Copyright machine works with specialist IP and Copyright lawyers around the nation to fight for your rights. We have a great, extensive network of legal partners who are excelling in their fields.

We offer a service to image copyright owners that empowers them to be compensated for the illegal usage of their photos.


We help you in marking your artistic rights and enables you to use them freely without any fears of theft or copyright infringement. Copyright Machine assists you in discovering & recovering theft cases.

Let’s protect and professionalise your picturesque work together and make it you’re only belonging.