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Copyright machine is a platform that offers a powerful suite of tools and services to tackle the unauthorized use of images. We provide a wide range of copyright and infringement services to support & protect your intellectual property.

The creator develops new work and can get copyright protection to ensure that they can get deserving profit from their efforts. As the owner has sole authority either to sell his work or to license it to the third party but if someone duplicates or reproduces the work of the copyright holder without the latter's permission, then this can lead to copyright infringement, in which the owner can take legal action against the infringer.

Copyright machine provides prolific case resolution services for licensing and legal resolution across India. We have a global and growing network of various expert legal partners and law firms. We aim to bring originality, confidence, and justice to the artists over the wide areas. Copyright Machine gives you an opportunity to protect and reclaim your creation rights.

Who are we?

Our focus is to utilize our resources to get the reimbursement of the images used illegally.

Copyright machine offers a wide range of services that aim to protect your visual works and help you keep it with all rights reserved policy.